Our Rooms

We have three aged-based rooms at Stuart Park Child Care Centre to best suit your growing child’s needs and stages of development. Full as well as part-time care is available at the cost of $85 per child, per day or $425 per child, per week (rates current as at December 2018). Please contact the office to make a booking or enquire about current vacancies

Nursery Room

  • Our Nursery Room has facilities to support eight babies a day, aged between six months and two years. We have two educators that work in the room full-time, building safe, secure and respectful relationships with children and their families.
  • A child’s confidence to explore and learn grows when they feel safe, secure and supported. Our program includes age-appropriate learning experiences and activities; intentional teaching; routine-based, self-help learning; and free flow areas for children to practise skills and extend their own interests.
  • Our educators will follow your home routine, support breastfeeding and encourage you to drop by and feed your baby at any time. We have an indoor and outdoor area open for most of the day to give your child more choices and variety in how they learn. We also have an air-conditioned sleep room with cots and low toddler beds to suit your child’s needs.

Toddler Room

  • Our Toddler Room is a quality facility, designed for all areas of your toddler’s development and learning. It caters for different levels and styles of learning and is home to a range of materials and activities.
  • We know that your toddler may find the transition into childcare challenging. That’s why we’re focused on supporting them through the change by being available, providing consistent and responsive care, and looking after their emotions.
  • We use a family-centred approach, which means we have meaningful and regular conversations with parents. This helps us to get a better understanding of your toddler’s developmental needs, strengths and requirements, and cater our care accordingly. We encourage toddlers to direct their own learning by exploring the range of experiences, play areas and materials in the Toddler Room and we guide them to make their own choices and decisions.

Big Side Room

  • The Big Side Room is a beautiful indoor and outdoor space for children, aged 3 to 5 years, to explore their interests.Your child will engage in a range of wonderful learning experiences, that are provided by educators or guided by their own curiosity.
  • We encourage and support your child to develop self-help, emotional, social, and physical skills. Every month, we celebrate different cultural backgrounds through arts and crafts, cooking, music and dance. Community involvement plays a big part and we welcome family members to participate in activities with their children.
  • The Big Side Room also has quiet spaces should your child want a few moments of calm and solitude. The natural environment will also play a big part in your child’s learning, whether that’s through doing nature-based activities in the classroom or exploring in our big outdoor area.
  • We build safe, secure and respectful relationships with the children and families who are part of in the Big Side Room. Those who come into our care have a sense of belonging during their time with us.