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About Us

Our Philosophy

Stuart Park Neighbourhood Child Care Centre (SPCCC) is a community-based education and care service for families with children aged from six months to five years.

We are committed to providing high-quality service and have been an integral part of the Stuart Park community for 35 years. We also have strong ties with other services that can assist families and children.

Care and Compassion

We are committed to developing a caring and compassionate environment. By showing genuine affection and understanding for children, families and staff, we walk alongside your child on their unique and individual journey. We support children to explore the world around them and we nurture their natural curiosity using play-based learning.

“I like coming to childcare because I get to play with my friends and learn about food.” – Theodore


We recognise each family’s unique history, background and traditions and strive to foster an accepting and inclusive environment. We work together with families to acknowledge and explore the differences and similarities between children. We provide opportunities for families to share their knowledge and skills. This helps children to feel a sense of belonging and understanding of their place in the world.

“You can’t fault it. Children are loved, respected and learn.” – Kristina


We see ourselves as guides in young children’s learning and we believe that ‘the world is not left to us by our parents; it is lent to us by our children’. We make purposeful and deliberate decisions and gently reinforce our collective responsibilities as citizens.

“I feel proud of my job and I feel I’m taken care of in my workplace.” – Gyeongae


We value communication as a way to build relationships and foster a sense of trust, truthfulness and respect. We communicate openly and frequently to create a sense of community and shared understanding. We value the expertise of our community.

“It is a warm and friendly environment filled with love and respect.” – Annie


We believe in the power of connection. We strive to create a space where all people are valued and respected.

“The vibe is wonderful. It feels like walking into home.” – Kristina

Meet Our Team

I have been working at SPCCC since 2014 and I hold a Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care. I was a teacher in Sri Lanka and I really enjoy spending my time with children. The thing I like most about working at SPCCC is working in a positive environment where I feel happy and motivated.
I have been working at SPCCC since 2017. SPCCC is a beautiful family; we work together to achieve a common goal. I draw on my previous experience as a teacher in my country to support young children’s early development.
I have been working at SPCCC since December 2010. I have a Diploma in Children’s Services. I love working at SPCCC because it feels like we are all one big family! I love supporting families as we care for and educate their children together.
I have been working at SPCCC since 2016. What I like most about working here is the warm and welcoming environment. At work, I feel happy, recognised, respected and supported.
I have been working at SPCCC since 2011. I have my cert3 in children's services and Diploma. My experience here at SPCCC I have worked in all rooms learning , exploring and programming for different age groups. I am currently working in the 3-5 room as a group leader/2IC. What I like most working at SPCCC is the strong relationship with the families and community. Partnership with the SPCCC team is positive and supportive. Quality care for the children.
I have been working in at SPCCC since 2015. I moved to Darwin from Sri Lanka in 2014 and studied my Certificate III in Early Childhood and Care as I enjoy working with children. It is a wonderful and lovely experience to work with children at SPCCC and to provide a safe and support environment for their early learning.
I am from the Philippines and gained teaching experience working in Brunei Darussalam. I started assisting casually at SPCCC in mid-2016 and have been gradually increasing my responsibilities over the years. What I appreciate most about working here is the supportive environment and the close connection with the children and their families.
I have been working at SPCCC since 2008, with the successfully completion of a Diploma in Children Services in 2014. I believe early childhood education and care is tremendously important which is why I love working as part of the SPCCC community, building strong relationships with my families. I have appreciated the fullness and satisfaction through my early childhood journey by having fun and excitement with children at SPCCC.
I am from County Wicklow in the Republic of Ireland. I have been living in Darwin with my husband Steve and daughter Libby since 2001. I am qualified chef and have more than 30 years of cooking experience. I love cooking for the children and introducing a wide variety of healthy food. I am passionate about getting the healthy living message across.

The Committee 2018 - 19

Our committee is a group of passionate parents. If you would like to contact the committee, please call (08) 8981 8968 or email admin@stuartparkchildcare.com.au.

President: Hayley Richards
Vice President: Kylie Climie
Secretary: Jeanne Lam
Treasurer: Steven Teece
General Member (Director): Chami Jayasinghe
General Member: Sarah Hills
General Member: Kimberley McMahon
General Member: Golden Whitrod
General Member: Melody Song

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